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little stinker is FIVE December 12, 2011

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Our sweet, active, adventurous Silas turned FIVE on Sept 20,2011
Silas, Oh Silas where do i begin:-)

Silas has a zest for life like none other. He has a soft side to him as well though and is the best cuddle BUG and helper and he is very compassionate and caring. He is very observant and full of life and a bit mischievous. He is 100% just like the character Denise the Menace.

It has always felt like Silas was born a toddler and he wants to keep up with that big brother of his, a whole 18 months older:-)

Silas just has this special way about him that seems to capture everyone’s heart.
All the kids in his class “LOVE SILAS”, his teachers can not get enough of him and neither can we.

Silas has taught me so much about life and when you look at his cherub little face and that sweet smile you cant help but realize how precious life is and to live each day to the fullest.
Silas does that is for sure:-)

He has an imagination that is so awesome to watch. He is a super hero lover and role plays all day, complete with costume and all:-)

So to celebrate Silas 5th birthday we had a wolverine/marvel heroes birthday party.

Silas dressed as Wolverine while his big brother Noah was Iron man and his little sister was
all of his friends came dressed as their favorite superhero. Wolverine was popping out of his cake and we had a batman bounce house and a wolverine pinata to top it off.

It was a gloomy rainy day but that made the bounce house that much more fun:-)

Silas was over the moon and it was the greatest celebration to honor our spirited little man:-)

Silas our lives would not be the same without you in it. You brighten not just our world but the world of all those who know you. You are the best boy and you are a great little helper. We LOVE you soooooo much buddy!

Happy Birthday little man and may God grant you many many more years!


a certain little someone…… September 15, 2011

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grew up way to FAST.

Our little Zofia Adaline started preschool tuesday August 30, 2011

It seemed like forever before Noah and Silas were in preschool but with Zofia i feel like i just pushed her out yesterday.

Zofia was ready for school last year so she had no problem going to school.

This next pic just cracks me up. Silas was SO over taking first day of school pics. In his words “mom i went to preschool last year, you got a picture then” and he walked away……LOVE THAT KID:-)

Zofia was really excited that Noah was home sick so she could get a picture with him on her first day of preschool lol. Noah was a really sick and tried so hard to take a nice pic with his little sister but no such luck. Despite he terrible head cold he was so very excited for his little sister, who he is so very protective of:-)

She was so excited when Miss Jodi opened the door.
Both Silas and Noah have had miss jodi so Zofia is so familiar with this school i think that really helped her as far as not being nervous about going to school as well as Silas being in class with her.
Silas goes Mon-Fri and Zofia joins him on T/Th.

Zofia had a fabulous first day of preschool and loved every minute of it and could not wait to go back.

It is very bittersweet for me that my last baby is in preschool. I just LOVE that Silas and Zofia are in class together and It is so sweet to watch Silas and Zofia go to school together twice a week….amazing memories and friendship they are creating:-)
Preschool in our district is one class of children ages 3-5. There are 4 teachers and so they split up the ages when needed. I love it this way because Zofia and Silas get to be together and i think it is awesome for both of them.
So proud of you my little Zofia Adaline….you are one of my dreams come true, i always just wanted at least one little girl…..love you princess


This little man August 29, 2011

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of ours;-) starts year 2 of preschool tomm but this time he will be going everyday in the mornings. Silas misses the Kindergarten cut off by 19 days even though he is SO ready for kindergarten so i though it would be best to send him Mon-Fri.
I am SO excited for Silas.
Silas is so funny,energetic,imaginative and so LOVEABLE….he is a huge cuddler:-) He thinks he would much rather stay home and play with his action figures but once he gets to school he LOVES it and has the best time.
I think he is a little nervous about going everyday and especially because it is in the morning. HE went in the afternoons last year but afternoon preschool is a nightmare for me.

Just a few pics of or little man over the past Year.

Silas on the first day of preschool August 2010

I am going to miss this little guy in the morning while he is at preschool but i know he will have so much fun and that is what matters. His teacher Ms. Jodi was Noahs teacher, Silas’s teacher last year and a friend of mine SO he is in great company:-


Reflection August 28, 2011

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When we first moved to Lyons i was 8months prego with Noah. We were very excited about our new home. Within a few days of living in our new home we felt so blessed we had the nicest neighbors.
Over the years it just became more and more obvious that this was a great place to live. Our neighbors had become like family. However, there was one aspect that was always festering in me and i hated it. Lyons has a crazy history and therefore has a not so great reputation. It has changed SO much in the last few years but you know how people can be they always look and dwell on the THEN rather then the NOW.
I started to feel i was hearing more negative things then positive esecially when it came to the schools. Mainly the High school but that just made me laugh….have A LOT of years to worry about that, at that time i was just prego with Noah, my first.
I let it go and figured i see for myself.

I was determined to get involed int he school right away last year when Noah was started kindergarten and that i did. Within a few weeks to months i was so IMPRESSED with he school. The principal is AMAZING, Noahs teacher was AMAZING,the cirriculum and teaching is excellent and i quickly learned that the entire staff from teachers, admin, nurse etc are all FABULOUS . I was thrilled.
By the end of last year i was nominated for PTO president and wells and means. I was shocked and honored. I declined PTO president as i felt i did not know enough yet but accepted well and means. I LOVE it, it is a dream come true and i feel so blessed that i am able to stay home with my children and volunteer my time to their schools and be so involved in their life.

On the first day of school the PTO hosted a coffee social for parents in the Gym SO that meant that we were in the school the entire two hours that school was in session on the first day and we were able to attend the first day of school assembly.
Some might not understand why i was so excited about this, but for me it was an honor. It was so awesome for me to see the teachers and admin staff having so much fun with the kids and for the kids.
Some schools would not even allow their teachers to be FUN and goofy.

Costello school is filled with teachers who are nothing but passionate and caring, they are THERE for the KIDS not the a HUGE paycheck.
I learned from that some people really just like to YAP facts even though they are NOT facts and they have NO idea what they are talking about. Also that not everyone will have the same experience and sometimes there is a reason that someones experience with a school or what have you is because of something isolated either with them personally or someone close to them BUT personal experiences CAN NOT be used to compare the school or district as a WHOLE. I pray each night that people will realize that and learn to close their mouths. I am a former teacher, it does not make me know it all but it does make me aware and to have sort of high expectations for my children’s education and experience.
Costello school has meet those expectations 10 fold!!
So hats of to all the teachers at Costello school in Lyons, IL……you all ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!


First grade here i come August 27, 2011

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Tuesday was Noah’s first day of first grade.
This day was a much bigger deal to me and much more emotional then kindergarten.
Something about first grade…..he is officially not my little baby anymore but a school aged boy who LOVES school.
I feel so blessed that Noah loves school so much and was so excited to go the first day and even more excited the second, third and fourth day:-)

Noah has the absolute BEST 1st grade teacher ever and i cried when i found out she would be Noah’s teacher.
The first day of school is only 2 hours and the kids do not have to wear their uniform so that is always fun.

Noah at school in line with his new class

Noah and Hunter

Noah with his first grade teacher, Mrs. Wozniak…she is the BEST of the BEST…Noah is so blessed to have her!

“Have a great first day Noah…..we love you”
Noah walking into school for the first time as a first grader….sniff sniff
Its so bittersweet for me!

The following video is of some of the teachers at Noah’s school performing at the first day of school assembly. I will be doing a post just on this next but i wanted to put the video in this post as well. The star of the performance is be Mr. Shotts, PE teacher….he is the perfect elementary school PE teacher he is fun, goofy,down to earth, great control of his classes and strict when need be.
Please excuse my harping at Silas lol he was having a rough morning….upset his buddy and big bro would be gone all day again:(

Daddy and Noah on the 2nd day of 1st grade, first full day……uniforms and all:-)

Dylan, Karli and goofy Noah:-) on the 2nd day of school,1st full day.
Dylan and Karli live behind us,their mom Lisa and i are really good friends and we carpool with them which has been AMAZING since our kids do not have the option of taking a bus to school.


Wrapping up summer fun

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Last thursday August 18 Noah had a few friends over for one last Summer playdate before school starts the following week.
Karli and Iza were in Kindergarten with Noah and Karli lives right behind us. She LOVES to come over and help me with the babies and wants me to paint her nails everytime. She is the sweetest cutest little girl ever. Iza is adorable and her mom is from Poland so i have so much fun chatting with her in Polish……limited Polish lol
Iza Brother James who will be in 3rd grade came over to. James, Noah and Silas have so much fun playing.
We missed Dylan Karli older brother….he is a big busy 5th grader but when he is not busy he comes over and plays with the boys and is such a huge help to me and a good kid.

A few pics and a video

The following pic cracks me up. Little Iza in charge lol and then the next pic right after she gave everyone directions is even cutier

Iza the Diva:-) love her


34 and a staycation August 3, 2011

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This past Tuesday 26 July 11 was my 34th birthday.
I had a wonderful day with the kids and then Eric and i went out for a wonderful evening.
On Friday we went to out to dinner with my Mom and Dad and had an absolutely fabulous time.
My parents took the kids home with them on Friday night and that was such a lovely gift. I so needed a little R&R.

On Saturday we slept in, relaxed some more, cleaned, little laundry some more R&R:-) and then i packed up for my STAYCATION:-)

I headed the 13 miles to the city to my best friend Nichole’s apartment. Going to her place is always such a wonderful break for me. We hung out at her place for a bit chatting with her room mate Ellen before getting We got ready and headed to her neighborhood street fair, the logan square street fest.

these next three pics crack me up i just HAD to include them.

Take 1

Take 2 🙂

OMGoosh the flash was killin me.
I was determined to keep my eyes open for take 3 here is the result LOL

It was a beautiful night for live music, god food ( well not really, surprisingly the food was VERY limited and not the greatest for a Chicago street fair) and some yummy beer.
Kumie and Ellen

Kumie Nichole (Kuma is Godmother is Serbian, Nichole is Zofia Godmother and so we call her Kumie Nichole:-)

After the street fair we went to a local pub and HAD the best time.
They had a martini called the “flirtini” it was made for me…all my favorite ingredients and the name was just perfect lol as i tend to be a flirt without realizing it…..its harmless though…..i’ve got my man LOL
Me and my Flirtini:-)

Kumie and I being Silly

I LOVE this girl 🙂 We have been friends for just under TWENTY years and are friendship just gets stronger and closer every year. She is part of the family and we love her sooo much!

More bar silliness

Ellen and Nichole are both Hair sylist so this was Ellen being funny about cutting hair…i think LOL if not it is just Ellen being Ellen at the bar HAAAHAAA….love this girl she is a hoot

Kumie, Sarah and I

I had one to many flirtini’s but had a great time and that is all that matters.
Sunday we were supposed to go boating….did NOT happen, then we were just going to go to the beach…did NOT happen…..then we thought since we were so a little tired from the night before and it was so hot outside we would go to a movie….did NOT happen…Haaaaaha
Can you see why hahaha

We went to my fav Cleo’s for lunch and went right back to her place and just relaxed all day until i headed home around 5pm. It was just what i needed and i felt so refreshed and rejuvenated when i got home.

What a fabulous birthday week:-)