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little stinker is FIVE December 12, 2011

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Our sweet, active, adventurous Silas turned FIVE on Sept 20,2011
Silas, Oh Silas where do i begin:-)

Silas has a zest for life like none other. He has a soft side to him as well though and is the best cuddle BUG and helper and he is very compassionate and caring. He is very observant and full of life and a bit mischievous. He is 100% just like the character Denise the Menace.

It has always felt like Silas was born a toddler and he wants to keep up with that big brother of his, a whole 18 months older:-)

Silas just has this special way about him that seems to capture everyone’s heart.
All the kids in his class “LOVE SILAS”, his teachers can not get enough of him and neither can we.

Silas has taught me so much about life and when you look at his cherub little face and that sweet smile you cant help but realize how precious life is and to live each day to the fullest.
Silas does that is for sure:-)

He has an imagination that is so awesome to watch. He is a super hero lover and role plays all day, complete with costume and all:-)

So to celebrate Silas 5th birthday we had a wolverine/marvel heroes birthday party.

Silas dressed as Wolverine while his big brother Noah was Iron man and his little sister was
all of his friends came dressed as their favorite superhero. Wolverine was popping out of his cake and we had a batman bounce house and a wolverine pinata to top it off.

It was a gloomy rainy day but that made the bounce house that much more fun:-)

Silas was over the moon and it was the greatest celebration to honor our spirited little man:-)

Silas our lives would not be the same without you in it. You brighten not just our world but the world of all those who know you. You are the best boy and you are a great little helper. We LOVE you soooooo much buddy!

Happy Birthday little man and may God grant you many many more years!


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